The final tourism SMEs, beneficiaries of the ECOTOURS project, have finally been selected!

The final tourism SMEs, beneficiaries of the ECOTOURS project, have finally been selected!

96 tourism SMEs coming from Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Greece, and Hungary (n. 16 SMEs per country) have been finally selected as the target group of the beneficiaries that will join the ECOTOURS experience and take part to this exciting journey.
Through transnational cooperation, peer learning and capacity building, the ECOTOURS project will build up circular tourism ecosystems engaging also local key actors and communities in a cohesive and collaborative way in order create a supportive system to tourism SMEs, with a focus on how circular economy principles and standards.

Moving towards a circular economy offers new business development opportunities not only in the tourism sector, but also in further sectors that are interlinked to tourism, such as agriculture, fishery, food, energy, manufacturing, transports, culture and arts.
The final selection of the n. 96 SMEs is part of the selection process conducted upon the launch of open call on 10th May and closed on 10th August 2023, for collecting candidature from tourism SMEs coming from the selected country.
The evaluation process on the applications received was based on specific criteria as described in the Open call guide. After the review conducted by each evaluation committee per country partner, n. 16 tourism SMEs have been selected according a ranking list.

In line with the open call, the project ECOTOURS enhances the capacity of tourism’s SMEs and community tourism’s ecosystems to promote circular tourism and to uptake environmental principles, practices and standards in their businesses. Overall, the project contributes to turn marginal coastal and rural areas that are experiencing an economic slowdown, into circular, green and sustainable tourist destinations that offer significant travel experiences based on people to people exchange, holistic discovery of territory, its natural environment and biodiversity, its cultural and traditional heritage, while at the same time promoting sustainability principles and practices, fostering environmental protection, the reduction of wastes and natural resources consumption (energy, water, soil, biodiversity), the use of clean energy and green transport means, the recycling and reuse of materials/products, the promotion of locally based food and craft productions.

By supporting the transition of SMEs and community ecosystems in the tourism sector to a green, digital and circular economy, the project is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy action plan. In this frame, the project contributes to the implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, by engaging tourism SMEs and community ecosystems in the transition to a stronger circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way.

Here, there is the list of the final tourism SMEs selected per country partner:


Ibis Styles Catania Acireale
Coop Gea Ambiente E Turismo
Limolo House 56 Green
Wonderwood – Caica Srl
Fattoria Delle Api Slrs
Gulliver Servizi Turistici Srl
Agorà Società Cooperativa
Ass. Culturale Sportiva Antiche Tradizioni
Pasticceria Pierrot
Isola Catania Impresa Sociale S.R.L.
Expirit Srl
La Paloma Blanca Hotel
Paliko Sciacca
Sciacca Full Immersion
Domus Aleria
“B&B Tommaso Fazello” Residenza artistica


Praxxis Inclusión Coop Galega
Genuine Spain
Albarari Starlight Camps
Iniciativas Turísticas De Ons, S.A (Camping Isla De Ons)
Arenaria Coordinación Slu
Volta Montana
North Wind – Sailing For Science
Hotel Mogay
Bam•Bu Bicycles
Piragüilla Ocio Y Aventura
Lorygar Sl
Bluscus Turismo Marinero
Galiwonders Sl
Milhulloa S.Coop.Galega
Salmoira Sl


Sarl Camping San Damiano
Camping Santa Lucia
Laëtitia Rinaldi – Le Bien Etre By Laeti
Maison D Hotes Zella
Sasu Petripini
Bruno Barrero /Dream Kayak
Pastor Maldonado Laura
Antoine Giacomoni
Valery Frederique
Inge Colombani
Christine Ollivier
Sas Artemisia
La Bergerie De Petraja
Di Moro Martin – Gîtes A Calata
A Casa D’Amore


Lordos Hotels Public Limited
M.F. Oros Machera Ltd
The Churchill Hotel Management Limited
Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites
United Hotels Limited
Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel
Gaia Olea
Pavlonapa Enterprises Ltd
G. Pais (Lysiotiki Souvla) & Sons Ltd
D’ Lete Ltd
G.S Ecophysis Limited
Gia Panta Xeimwnas
E. Evangelou Hotels Limited
Fun & Gourmet Ltd
Charalambos Holiday Cottage
Bliss Baked Creations


Aegean Outdoors
La Noi Hotel
Kastoria Outdoors
Anagnostopoulou Antigoni
Plus Hotels Sa
Etheleo Lp
Prespa Resort I.K.E.
Althea Lakeview Farm
Smallhotel – Vevi
Esperos Palace
Florina Mini-Bus Transfers & Tours
La Casa Cafe
Ioannou Axe
Gkountromichos Iraklis – Greek Adventure


Proko Travel
Rézhárs Rendezvényszervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Móra-Tourist Nonprofit Kft.
Gergely Gábor Sole Entrepreneur
Paprikamolnar Ltd.
Sze-Pub Kft.
Kék Elefánt Kávézó Kft.
Hpp 2000 Kft.
Piknik Csemege Kft.
Bokor Csanád Ev.
Art Hotel Plusz Kft.
H Marcipán Kft
Élményséta Szeged (Wonder Walks)
Aranytopáz Kft
Money Angel Bt
Napfény Műterem, Kárász Udvar Kft.

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