Relational and Experiential Circular Tourism: A New Vision at the Center of the First Study Visit of the ECOTOURS Project, in Agrigento (Italy)

Relational and Experiential Circular Tourism: A New Vision at the Center of the First Study Visit of the ECOTOURS Project, in Agrigento (Italy)

Tourism is a journey, but not just as a geographical travel. It is a path that is intertwined with culture, environment and human relationships.

And this is precisely the beating heart of the first study visit of the ECOTOURS project, which took place in Agrigento from 22 to 24 November 2023.

This event, organized by the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani in collaboration with PRISM srl, marked a crucial moment in the evolution of sustainable and circular tourism. A delegation made up of 19 representatives of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises coming from six partner countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Hungary) met each other on the background of this historic Sicilian city for a transnational dialogue and exchange focused on experiential and relational tourism.
This meeting represents an important step towards tourism that enhances not only cultural heritage, but also human relationships and the safeguard of the environment. The focus of the study visit was experiential, community-based and relational. The training activities which animated these three days included an exclusive tour at the Museo Diffuso dei 5 sensi in Sciacca, a real sensorial journey guided by experts such as Viviana Rizzuto, Anna Salvagio and Désirée Li Bassi.
Furthermore, special guests such as Giuseppe Burgio and his team from the Cooperativa Palma Nana shared their experience at the Environmental Education Center of the Borgo di Serra Guarnieri (Parco delle Madonie), a clear example of how tourism can be a driver of education environmental and community.

Another highlight was the participation of Florinda Saieva, founder of Farm Cultural Park, who shared her vision on urban regeneration, with a focus on the city of Favara. This approach highlights how tourism can be a catalyst for social and cultural change in communities. The next stop on this innovative journey will be in Cyprus in January 2024, where the focus will be on energy efficiency and future plastic-free tourism.
This is just the beginning of a capacity building program that promises to transform the way we live and the experience we have on circular tourism practices and standards.
Tourism is no longer just a journey, but an experience that connects, educates and transforms people, itineraries and heritage. The ECOTOURS project invites us to rediscover tourism in a completely new way, where each destination becomes a place of learning, exchange and sustainable growth.

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The ECOTOURS project is co-financed by the European Union (Single Market programme).

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