Cuisine, culture and community: three essential ingredients in the Marana Golo region of Corsica

Cuisine, culture and community: three essential ingredients in the Marana Golo region of Corsica

Corsica, with its enchanting micro-region of Marana Golo, is positioning itself as a hub of sustainability and innovation by hosting the study visit of the ECOTOURS project, which focuses on the European Union’s Farm to Fork strategy and circular tourism. This initiative promoted fresh and innovative tourism, expertly combining cuisine, culture and community: the three essential pillars that define the region’s unique experience.

Cuisine: a journey into local flavours

The Farm to Fork strategy is deeply embedded in the Marana Golo dining experience. With an emphasis on organic and local produce, visitors had the opportunity to experience a Farm to Fork immersion at Lodge e Mare and U Locu, places where Mediterranean flavours meet local economies and sustainable farming practices.

Culture: Diving into history and innovation

The culture of the Mariana Golo micro-region comes alive through its historical heritage and constant innovation. The Mariana Archaeological Museum, located near the village of Campitello, offers visitors a fascinating insight into the daily life, customs and traditions that have shaped the identity of this part of the island over the centuries.

These historical narratives are further enriched by the modern STELLA MARE platform, a research centre focused on sustainable marine research and aquaculture technologies, promoting a responsible approach to fishing and aquaculture practices.

What if the concept of culture were to include natural heritage? With the DREAM KAYAK club, the participants in the study visit left the road to follow the river, the descent of the Golo, Corsica’s largest river. During this excursion, they had the opportunity to admire the rich biodiversity and enjoy a new concept that we could define as “turi-activism”, a form of experience that combines exploration and waste collection activities.

Extended community: The power of working together

Community is at the heart of the Farm to Fork strategy. In the Marana Golo region, small and medium-sized tourism enterprises from different European countries (Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Hungary and Corsica itself) worked together to improve their skills and adopt sustainable practices. During the visit, the joint working sessions in the seminar room of the Hotel Poretta effectively immersed the entrepreneurs in a space of trust where they could discuss, exchange ideas and design together ecotourism itineraries that enhance local traditions while innovating in terms of respect for the territory and ecosystems.

ECOTOURS: a sustainable tourism model

The study visit to Marana Golo offered not only a showcase of Corsica’s natural beauty and innovative initiatives, but also a model of how tourism, the environment and the local community can live in harmony. By eating locally, appreciating the culture and working together, tourism businesses emerge from this experience not just as visitors, but as active participants in the creation of powerful tools for sustainable development.

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