Clean energy and sustainable mobility in Vigo: how tourism SMEs are reinventing themselves!

Clean energy and sustainable mobility in Vigo: how tourism SMEs are reinventing themselves!

The heart of Vigo, a Spanish city known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant community, recently hosted the 3rd Study Visit of the ECOTOURS project, a revolutionary event focused on the use of renewable energy and sustainable mobility practices in tourism.

This 3rd Study Visit of the ECOTOURS project, which took place from 6 to 8 March, was a crucial moment for small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism sector that want to innovate and integrate sustainability principles into their business model.

Sixteen representatives of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMEs) from countries such as Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Greece, France and Spain attended the meeting, where they were welcomed and involved in preliminary activities that allowed them to exchange ideas and create a strong and collaborative network. The focus was clear: how to integrate sustainable practices to make tourism a conscious and exciting pathway to real and positive change.

Galicia Destino Sustentable

Starting with ‘Galicia Destino Sustentable’, a project launched in 2013, Vigo has laid the foundations for tourism that respects and enhances local resources. The initiative aims to integrate sustainable practices into the tourism sector, with three main objectives: travel with purpose, travel with impact and travel with confidence.

One of the main attractions is the Atlantic Islands National Park. This park not only protects the beautiful coastline and natural islands of Vigo, but also offers a visitor centre dedicated to environmental awareness. Tourists from all over the world can take part in outdoor activities and learn how to preserve these wonderful natural resources.

A cycle tour of… bamboo

In the urban environment of Vigo, another exciting innovation comes from the founders of ‘Bambu Bicycles’. This company produces bicycles made from bamboo, an eco-friendly material that demonstrates how sustainable mobility can be incorporated into everyday life. Tourists have the opportunity to explore the city in an eco-friendly way, immersing themselves in the local culture without leaving a large carbon footprint.

To infinity… and beyond

The link between gastronomy and sustainable tourism is highlighted by the route through the vineyards of Vigo, which promotes the use of environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Tourists can discover how sustainability affects the wine production cycle, from the adoption of organic farming techniques to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and how these practices can be replicated in other areas.

Finally, in the field of astrotourism, ALECRIN is pursuing initiatives such as the StarLight Destination programme, which aims to achieve certification in star tourism. This not only increases the attractiveness of the region for star-gazers, but also strengthens Vigo’s reputation as a sustainable tourist destination.

This meeting was not only a learning opportunity, but also a living laboratory demonstrating how the exchange of good practices and cooperation can concretely contribute to the development of the tourism sector.

SMEs were given the opportunity to reinvent themselves, adopting an approach that rewards sustainable innovation and creates new market opportunities.

Thanks to the ECOTOURS project, the study visit to Vigo was a clear example of how tourism can be transformed by adopting eco-friendly practices. The stakeholders and SMEs present came back with innovative ideas and concrete strategies to implement, ready to make sustainability the core of their future tourism activities, showing the world that sustainable tourism is not only possible, but necessary.

Are you ready to participate in this green revolution? The future of travel is here, and circular tourism is its most advanced and sustainable expression.

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