Circular Tourism: Ready for a barefoot journey?

Circular Tourism: Ready for a barefoot journey?

Let’s start by understanding what circular tourism is. In an era of rapid and often destabilising change, tourism is transforming itself by demonstrating its resilience and innovation. The arrival of the pandemic era has reinforced the need to rethink our habits of production, transport, distribution and consumption, and to move decisively towards sustainable and inclusive models. Enter circular tourism, a pragmatic and visionary response to these urgent needs.

How Circular Tourism can respond to today’s challenges?

Circular tourism is not just an abstract concept, but a rapidly growing practice that aims to reduce the environmental and economic impact of the travel experience by turning it into a circular resource.

The strategy is clear: minimise the consumption of raw materials and maximise the reusability and recyclability of what we already have. Tourist destinations, especially those in vulnerable areas such as the Mediterranean, are called upon to transform themselves to offer responsible consumption patterns and sustainable products. These efforts require a collective effort involving governments, tourism businesses and consumers, guided by a philosophy of cooperation and an ecosystem vision.

Practical and visionary changes

Many urban centres are already rethinking their infrastructure to promote more active and safer mobility; there are already many examples of how tourism can be integrated with sustainable mobility through the use of bicycles and clean public transport. In addition, the emergence of shared technologies such as car sharing and bike sharing is encouraging a less invasive and more conscious approach to travel.

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Why should a tourism business enter the world of circular tourism?

For tourism businesses, adopting the principles of circular tourism means radically innovating their offer. Through practices such as waste reduction, the use of renewable energy, the valorisation of local resources and the proposal of authentic experiences that respect host communities, businesses can play a crucial role in redefining modern tourism.

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Eco-tourists, an active part of the change

But what about travellers? Tourists also have a key role to play in this new scenario. By making responsible choices, choosing facilities that follow sustainable principles and actively participating in the conservation of local resources, each traveller can become an agent of change.

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Circular tourism is not a passing fad, but an essential part of the future of travel.

It reflects a profound change in the way we perceive our passage through the world: no longer as casual visitors, but as active and responsible participants.

The ECOTOURS project promotes a path full of opportunities for learning, exploring and sharing to transform our local communities into circular, green and sustainable tourism destinations; we want you to be part of the many innovations that reflect the spirit of community and change, and we are here to tell you what is already happening.

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